The Board of Directors of Lighthouse of Southwest Florida provides mission-driven leadership and governance to achieving our strategic goals and serves as ambassadors for community engagement.
headshot of Jill Turner

Jill Turner, President

Florida Department of Health

headshot of Gwynetta Gittens

Gwynetta Gittens, Vice President

Lee County School Board

headshot of Sheila Clark

Sheila Clark, Treasurer/Secretary


headshot of Brian Sykes

Brian Sykes, Past President

headshot of Michael Ciccarello

Michael Ciccarello

Colliers International

headshot of Evan Connell

Evan Connell

Lee County Sheriff’s Office

headshot of Jack Green

Jack Green

Retired, John Deere & Co.

headshot of Armando Llechu

Armando Llechu

Lee Health

headshot of Arthur Chip McRlroy

Arthur “Chip” McElroy

Professor, Hodges University

headshot of Patricia O’Donnell

Patricia O’Donnell

O’Donnell Landscapes